Wall Art

Art is fun on apparel, mugs, tote bags, and pillows, but to appreciate it as it was meant to be experienced, it should be displayed on walls. Wall in your home, office, and other rooms are designed to show your appreciation of art and artists.

Photographs and “cafe art” by Ludwig is available as prints on canvas, acrylic, metal and archival paper with a wide selection of frames and mounting.

Please visit my Pixels online shop for a selection of work printed in sizes, surfaces, and styles that best fit your own environment.

Thank you! You have scrolled all the way down here in your visit to my little boutique. I thank you for looking around and would like to offer you a holiday present as well. If you make a purchase of one of my wall art pieces use this discount code for a $100 price reduction:  RLYGVC — This discount is available for just a limited time. If you have merchandise or gift items in your shopping cart, you still receive a discount but it may be less than $100 as it does not apply to the basic cost of the merchandise.  You may do your shopping right here, just scroll down, or go to my Pixels store. Be sure to copy the discount code so you will have it at checkout.